How To Write a Content Strategy


This week we ran a couple of training events called “How to Succeed Online as a Small Business”. These were focused on how to identify and reach out to your target audience, using a marketing content strategy. One of the biggest things I learnt from running these workshops is that quite a few people don’t actually know who their target customer is. They may know what sort of organisations they would like to target, but without the understanding of the type of person they want to connect with – it’s impossible to undertake an effective marketing strategy.

Content Strategy Handouts

Organisations as a whole don’t make decisions – it’s people within those organisations who will be able to sign off on a new product or service.  So by targeting your product at Acme inc. rather than the marketing manager at Acme Inc. you’re not going to effectively reach out to anyone. The first thing to do then when planning out your content marketing strategy is to work out who your ideal customer is. You can see my ideal customer here. Then you can download a blank template of this file to do it yourself from here. Once you’ve done this once, do it another two or three times so you’ve got a few ideal customers listed. These should have different likes, dislikes, challenges and goals to give you a good spread.

Then you need to work out what you want to say to people – so take a look at this handy content planner we’ve made for your disposal here. We’re using this same spreadsheet and to give you an example – this is how our columns look for this blog post:

  • When – June 24th
  • Who – David / Sally (Two of my ideal customer persona names)
  • What – “How to Write a Content Strategy” blog
  • Where – Blog
  • Why – Customer Acquisition
  • Done? – Well now, yes.

When should I be doing this?

You should be doing this at the start of every month. Spend about an hour on a Monday morning just planning out what big pieces of content you want to be publishing  over the month. This isn’t necessarily  going to be every single Tweet, but every big piece of content you would spend longer than five minutes preparing for.

The key thing here is to be making sure that with everything you publish – you know exactly who it’s targeting out of your list of ideal customers. Before you click that Publish button just think “will Sally want to read this?” Or whoever one of your ideal customers is. If the answer is no, rework it to make it relevant and something they would want to read – otherwise you are just pumping out content that no one will read and no one will care about.

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