Why It’s Taken So Long To Get A Blog


Glue Digital Studio is a pretty fresh faced agency still, we’re round about one month old now but we’ve achieved a fair amount in that time, signing three clients, deploying four websites, writing over ten content pieces and submitting two public sector tenders (awaiting response). So on the one hand – it’s pretty understandable that we’ve not managed to get a blog online in the last month.

On the other hand, it’s a cardinal sin to not have a blog these days – something we’ll be going over in the workshop on the 22nd and 24th June. Blog’s drive traffic and interest to your website, they keep people engaged and allow you to put messages about your business out there every single day/week/month (personally I think any more often than a week, unless you really have something interesting to say, is too much.

Another reason it’s taken so long for us to get a blog out there is because we’ve not actually planned a content strategy yet. I (as in Alex, who’s currently writing this) have a personal blog which I fill with thoughts, musings and generally things that come into my head. There’s no strategy behind this though so it’s just used for experiments and somewhere to point people when they ask about things I’ve written before. This shows when you flick through it as you read blog posts about TV, my holidays, mental health issues or things I’ve learnt during working hours.

The final reason it’s taken so long to get a blog is because we wanted to get the design of it right and we weren’t sure how to manage it properly. Our website is a static Bootstrap single pager – which right now works perfectly well for us. We wanted to keep the main website we had and simply add a blog onto it.

After a small amount of research we found that hosting a blog on a sub-domain would not detrimentally effect our SEO efforts compared to hosting it as a directory (blog.gluestudio.co.uk opposed to gluestudio.co.uk/blog) so we went ahead and looked for a platform to use. We’d seen good things about Grav, Ghost and Medium to name a few, however after some careful consideration (looking at stylistic choices, ease of use and scalability) we chose good old fashioned WordPress.

Which is how we arrived here today. So please excuse us while we finish writing our content plan for the next six months, continue building awesome websites and carry on helping clients, new and old, be as visible as possible across the internet.