How To Use Instagram Stories for Your Brand


This week Instagram launched a new feature for their app called Instagram Stories. These are short pieces of ethereal image and video content which has been strung together by Instagram. If you’re familiar with Snapchat stories – it works in the exact same way. These stories are available at the top of your followers news feed, making it easy for anyone who regularly checks Instagram to just tap on your profile and start watching the content you have posted.

How Do Instagram Stories Help Me?

As a small business owner or marketing manager, Instagram Stories now give you a whole new avenue to start putting content out through and raise awareness of your brand. Whereas before there was a focus on high quality, artistic photographs on Instagram – you now have the ability to share disposable content with a new audience that may not be on Snapchat.

The Instagram demographic is fairly evenly spread from 18 to 44, whereas the demographic for Snapchat is heavily skewed towards the 18 – 24 market. If you have ideas for types of ethereal content and want to reach the 25 – 44 age group then you should use Instagram Stories.

So What Should I be Sharing?

Your story has a lifespan of just 24 hours before it will be deleted.  Also, once someone has watched your story, they won’t view it again. This means that you have to post eye catching and attention grabbing content frequently.

Instagram Stories are great for sharing behind the scenes information. If your audience is engaged enough  to follow your Instagram feed,  they will probably be interested in the process behind your work. Have you noticed a trend in TV advertising recently where something happens and the production staff will come into the scene of the shot?  Involving the audience within the production in this way is called breaking the fourth wall – a novel cinematography method which people resonate with.

Another great type of content is the out-of-office type. If you’re going to an event or maybe the speaker at something, then you should be share this story. This sort of content is there to spread the word about the culture and the atmosphere of your brand. It’ll make people buy into your image and, ultimately, buy your products or services.

What Shouldn’t I be Sharing?

Whatever you do, do not try selling through Instagram Stories. There should be no mention of anything that may drive sales to you or your products.  This will make people switch off from your message, making the post pointless and potentially loose you a follower.

These are just some fast and loose guidelines of using Instagram Stories for your brand. If you’d like to know more about Social Media marketing, email and we can grab a coffee.