This FlyBe Advert


I (Alex) went to Berlin recently (you can read about that here).  Overall, a great trip – but on the way back, there was one thing that got my back up slightly – this advert.


Now excuse the fairly dodgy camera work here – It’s hard to take a good photo while sat on a plane, looking at the shiny plastic covering an awful advert.  To most people, the advert may just look uninspired – but from my point of view it’s just plain bad.  Let’s look at all the reasons why it sucks.

The Head Banner

“In celebration of 10 years’ partnership”

What is in celebration of 10 years?  I think you’re missing a prefix or a suffixing statement here.  Just placing a banner at the top of the advert which says this – doesn’t mean anything, like nothing at all. Also the apostrophe after the s in years – grammatically it’s correct but oh my it’s ugly.  You’ve not correctly spaced all of the words either, it looks more like “In Celebration  of   10 years’  Partnership”.    Statements you could have gone with instead include:

To celebrate 10 years of partnership

We’re celebrating 10 years of partnership

Ten years of partnership

The Middle Bit

“10 things you’ll love about us…”

What are these 10 things?  Please tell me what 10 things will I love about the combination of Avis and FlyBe?  I just don’t understand the point you’re trying to make here.  Possibly listing the ten things (especially as the ad was displayed on a flight – while I was at the front with nothing to look at other than this for two hours) would have been a better idea than this vague, statement with no particular message or meaning.  The one bit I don’t hate about this is the word love in the middle – it’s not overtly offensive.

The Call To Action

This is the bit that I hate the most.

“Go book and win!”

Worse than the random spacing in the header, you’ve forgotten to put any spacing either side of the URL.  How hard would it be to simply proof read this?  Never mind being ugly – it’s just simple formatting.  Also, a QR code – this is a fail on two parts.  The first being – we’re in 2016, no one is using QR codes in this way anymore.  The second thing being – I’m on a plane, even if I had gone to the effort of downloading a QR code reader before getting onto the flight and then overlooked the poor copy to see the potential to win something – I can’t get the internet because I’m on a freakin’ plane!

If you want someone to design some adverts for you in the future, I’d be more than happy to take a look for you – I highly doubt I could ever produce something this bad.