How To Conduct a Content Review


We’ve been working with a couple of clients to tidy up the content on their websites recently. There wasn’t a blog post last week actually because we’ve been snowed under doing this! It got us thinking about content reviews though and how some people might not know what was is, or how to even start doing one. So we decided to write up this handy little guide on the process behind a content review.

Make a Site Map

The first thing you need to do is map out the pages on your existing site, we do this using the wonderful Sketch for Mac – but you could do it using pieces of paper, a white board or MS Paint. You need to show the home page, each sub page and each page below that. Draw lines between each page so you can clearly see where each page lays in the tree.

Assess the Structure

Now you can see how each page flows from one into the next, make sure this order makes sense. For example; if you have a page about a brand of widgets, all of pages which are linked to from that one should be about that brand. If you spot an opportunity where the number of pages could be trimmed down or a way of re-ordering the pages so they flow in a more methodical order – do it.

Read the Content, Review

Obviously you should have read the content before, but now is your chance to properly read your content. Is anything outdated? Did you miss any spelling mistakes before? Does something not make sense any more? Get someone to read the content who might not be in the same industry as you, perhaps your partner, friend or parent. Make sure that the words on the page explain your offering exactly and try to cut down on unneseccary fluff. People don’t have time to read through swathes of marketing text any more – they want the facts and dammit, they want them now.

Make Your Changes and Review

Now that you know everything flows in as logical order as possible and you’re happy with it – make the changes. Then you want to do the process again. It may sound like a pain, but when you change things around you might just notice another big improvement which could be made.

So that’s how to go about your own content review. If you’d like to know more about how to review the content on your website or to get us to do it for you send an email to and we can grab a warm drink of your choosing.