Brand Outreach: Talk or Shout


Whatever your business is, you need to get your message out to people.  There are two ways in which you could do this – shouting or talking to them.  Different approaches work for different industries and there’s a difference between the two.  We’ve taken a look at both methods of brand outreach so you can decide which one would work better for you.

Brand Outreach: Talking

By its very nature, talking is a conversation between one or more people.  If your outreach strategy is all about talking, you’re looking at social media engagement, direct email (rather than email lists) and face to face networking.  A strategy which relies on talking will take up more of your time, but yield more results (based on the number of people you actually get in front of).

Talking is great when you have a particular message to get across and a list of targets in mind.  It’s also the only real way to effectively promote a service based business.  Your customers would rather be spoken with than shouted at.  When you’re writing your outreach strategy, and you want to take the talking approach, just bear in mind – “will this start a conversation?”

Talking allows people to ask you questions and get a better understanding of your offering, but there’s no point in talking if you’re going to get drowned in the noise.

Brand Outreach: Shouting

Shouting is what you need to be doing to make people want to talk to you.  Shouting includes things like media based advertising (print, TV, banner etc.), mailing lists and Google AdWords.  Conversely to talking with people, this approach will make people aware of you – very aware of you, but they may be less inclined to get in touch than if you started a conversation.

While talking is good at reaching a specific target,  if you shout you’ll reach a far wider audience (although this can be in-some-way targeted).  If you need to get your brand message out there as quickly as possible, then shouting is the way to go about it.  Potential customers will be aware of you, when you start to approach them with a more conversational tactic.

Shouting will cut through the noise, but if you keep on shouting when the room is quiet – people will be put off.

So Should I be Talking or Shouting?

Ideally, both.  Split it into a 80 / 20 approach depending on what you are trying to achieve.  If you’re launching a new product, spend 80% of your time shouting and 20% talking.  If you’re trying to build sales and awareness of an existing product, reverse the quantities.

It can be confusing to work out exactly how to approach your outreach – which is why we’re here to help.  If you want some help or advice on your brand outreach, drop an email to and we’ll be more than happy to help out.