Alex’s Week With The Prince’s Trust


Last time we did a blog, we talked about how busy we’d been, that included a bit of training that Alex had done at Cardiff Library, teaching basic web development skills.  Last week, we were asked to take part in another training course, this time for The Prince’s Trust.  For anyone who doesn’t know, The Prince’s Trust is an organisation who help 18 – 30 year olds get themselves into work or training and transform their lives for the better.

The course was run by Dean Jenkins of Codez Academy who believe that everyone should have access to education and training around digital skills.  We were asked to be a part of it as they were so impressed with our teaching in the library.  The course title was Get Started With Apps and took a group of young people who, told us at the start of the week, they had little to no understanding or real interest in the digital economy.

For us two tutors, the focus was getting energy into the room and getting people excited about digital – starting each day off with either yoga or dancing.  It’s almost impossible to teach someone how to build an app in a week, so the course was focused on the young people coming up with an app idea, researching what was required to build it and then pitch that back to a room full of ‘big-wigs’ at the end of the week.  The course was also peppered with flying drones around a room based on a set of commands, playing a massive game of “if-this-then-that” by mapping out a flow chart on the floor with pens and paper and coding a python turtle to draw a house.

We had a great time over the week, the students loved it, the big-wigs were impressed and the Prince’s Trust want to talk to us about running more courses in the future.  We saw a couple of people who were too shy and nervous to talk to the other people in the room, stand up and present word perfect to an audience of over 30 people.  It’s that sort of stuff that puts a warm feeling in your stomach on a Friday afternoon.

Hopefully there will be more courses like this coming up over the next few months, I personally can’t wait to get stuck in with them.  If you’re reading this and would like a similar course putting on, get in touch with Alex at to see what we could do for you.